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Powder Coating Ovens

New or replacement powder coating ovens is the most popular application of Gas Catalytic Infra Red today. Replacing an inefficient convection oven with an energy saving powder coating oven is the most effective way in which operating costs can be reduced.

Vulcan Catalytic Systems can design catalytic infra red ovens for a wide range of powder coating applications and different configurations, such as pre gel, booster or full cure ovens. Over the years we have manufactured ovens for not only trade coaters and other specialist sub contract powder coaters but also for OEMs looking to reduce the operating costs of powder coating their own products. Our ovens are suitable for a wide range of part shapes, from sheet panels and machined parts through to large castings, forgings and fabrications.

Vulcan’s infrared catalytic ovens are designed specifically for powder coating by using our fully reflected IR technology and catalytic infrared heaters in all our ovens. We use SolidWorks in the design process which ensures a high degree of “fit and finish” and “WYSIWYG”, allowing all parties to thoroughly visualise, review and approve the oven design and ensure exact placement on the paint line.

Fully reflected IR technology is designed into the oven, ensuring the most efficient absorption of infrared by the part or coating. Multi faceted, reflective oven interior focuses the Infrared energy onto the part. The removable outside panels are non insulated and remain cool to the touch. This gives an indication of just how efficient our ovens are.

Vulcan ovens and heaters are pre plumbed and wired prior to leaving the plant, ensuring rapid installation at the customer’s plant. The exterior of the ovens can be powder coated to customer’s colours if required. Our Multi Zone Gas Pulse Technology is used throughout the oven design concept, allowing for front to back and top to bottom temperature control. Control of each zone is via an intuitive manual control panel or a PLC operator interface that is also the diagnostic centre. The control system allows for fine tuning the heat profile which is ideal when coating heat sensitive substrates as well as traditional metal parts.

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