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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems
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Infra Red Ovens

Vulcan manufactures the total infrared oven system starting from our highly energy efficient, patented catalytic heaters, zoned via our unique Gas Pulse System (GPS) and housed in UL approved control panels . Our Infrared Powder Coating Ovens and Infrared Thermoforming Ovens are custom designed to specific customer requirements of part size, type of coating, conveyor height and line speed. Our catalytic heaters FM approved for heating hazardous areas, such as acetone storage rooms. Our infrared ovens are modular in design and ready for fast on site assembly.

Vulcan's Gas Catalytic Infra Red ovens are used for all aspects of curing powder coatings.

Here are the the options:

  • Pregel, Preheat or Booster Ovens
    • Used to fuse or flow the powder coating prior to convection ovens.
    • Eliminates part cross contamination by preventing powder from blowing off of the part.
    • Reduced Preventive maintenance and clean up within the convection oven is minimized by preventing build up of powder within the oven.
  • Full Cure Ovens
    • Used to completely cure powder coatings, solvent and water based liquid finishes, single or two coat.
    • Can be used on metal, wood, vertical and horizontal conveyor systems.
    • Especially effective for curing powder on MDF and otherheat sensitive substrates.
  • Retro Fit Ovens
    • We can supply retrofit kits for customers wishing to convert from Electric Infra Red to Gas Catalytic Infra Red, thus providing much lower operating costs and more efficient curing.

All our ovens are energy saving and efficient. Whether you wish to replace existing inefficent Convection Ovens, Electric Infrared Ovens, or commission a purpose designed and built system, Vulcan has the experience and the technology to solve your problem.

All our systems are designed using Solidworks to ensure a seamless integration between design, manufacture and assembly.

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