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Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems
  • Energy Emissions

Energy Emissions

Due to the flameless nature of the catalytic reaction, the only by-products are Carbon Dioxide and water vapour. There is NO production of any of the gases in the NOx group of pollutants, such as Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. The creation of these pollutants is highly temperature dependent and recognized as the most relevant source when combusting natural gas.

This means that Gas Catalytic Infrared is the most environmentally friendly method of industrial process heating.

The killer advantage that Gas Infra Red has over convection heating is the highly efficient conversion of natural gas into heat that is used to raise the part temperature. Old style convection ovens, use 5%–7% of the heat generated to raise the part temperature. Gas Infra Red heaters heat the part directly, and do not rely on convection, as with a conventional oven. With the catalytic process, 80% of the energy in the natural gas is converted to heat energy, and directly absorbed into the part.

So not only are Vulcan Catalytic Systems environmentally firendly, they are also highly efficient.

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